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What is Extended Warranty?

Extended auto warranties protect you

form the high cost of the parts-replacement method

of car repair that we see today.

If you care about your car and want to save money, then a car extended warranty is something you should know about. Owning and maintaining an automobile isn't as straightforward as it used to be back in the day. Back then, you didn't have to worry about much because cars' setup wasn't so advanced. Today that isn't the case anymore. For this reason, you have to actively seek out the services of competent extended warranty companies. Failure to do this might leave you stuck with paying huge amounts of money to fix your vehicle if and when something happens to it.

Just What is a Car Extended Warranty?

In simple terms, extended warranty coverage is a protection plan you can rely on if something happens to your vehicle that isn't covered in your factory warranty. It also offers you a longer period of protection when compared to your basic factory warranty.

Depending on the specifics of how you took out the policy, your extended warranty can appear in several ways. For example, it could present itself exactly as the same warranty that came with your car from the factory. In other instances, it could be a 3rd party extended car warranty.
Smart Gold
Smart Bronze
Year of Manufacture Ten (10) Years and Below / Odometer Mileage Reading Below 150,000km
Year of Manufacture Ten (10) Years and Below / Odometer Mileage Reading Below 150,000km
Warranty Period
1 Year Or Up To 30,000km / 18,500 Miles (whichever shall come first)
1 Year Or Up To 25,000km / 15,500 Miles (whichever shall come first)
Claims Limit
RM10,000 Per Claim & RM50,000 In Aggregate per Vehicle
RM4,000 Per Claim & RM15,000 In Aggregate per Vehicle
Covered Items
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • ECU / ECM
  • TCU / TCM
  • Sensors
  • Turbo (for Turbo models only)
  • Steering Mechanism (for non-turbo models only)
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • ECU / EMU
  • Braking System
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How to buy extended warranty for car
Step 1

Enter car details

Step 2

Packages table for user to compare and select

Step 3

Select the package that meet your requirements

Step 4

Enter buyer details

Step 5

Complete payment securely with our processing partner

Step 6

Set free inspection date

  • You may select a date for a door-to-door inspection if you are staying in Klang Valley
  • You may select a date for free inspection at our panel workshop if you staying outside Klang Valley
Step 7

Wait for car inspection confirmation

Step 8

Car Inspection

[ Inspection approved ] Extended warranty policy will be activated within 7 days. Client can download the policy in Fincrew members dashboard and policy will send to client register address.

[ Inspection disapproved ] Fincrew will contact client to discuss the required repairs to process. If client rejected, payment processing partner will refund the full payment in 2 working days.
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  • What is an Extended Warranty Program & Why do you need it?
    Your compulsory car insurance protects you in case of an accident or theft, but will not pay for car breakdowns. Adding an extended warranty plan gives you additional protection against unexpected breakdowns and the cost and stress that comes with them. With insurance plus Warranty Smart, you truly have total protection.
  • Why choose Warranty Smart?
    ✓ CREDIBLILITY - Warranty Smart is a pioneer in the car extended warranty industry, first established in Malaysia since 2013 and has expanded its operations in Thailand and Indonesia.
    ✓ INSURED – by a leading insurer, Pacific & Orient Insurance Co.Berhad (P&O).
    ✓ EXPERTISE – We have the largest network of technical expertise with over 182 panel workshops nationwide.
    ✓ CONVENIENCE – We allow OPEN SERVICE concept at any workshop, panel or nonpanel, 24hrs nationwide towing & fast claim approval.
  • What does warranty cover?
    We have a variety of different plans available. At Warranty Smart, we practice transparency to our users, hence coverage are also listed in our website for each respective plan. You can choose the level of coverage or speak to our knowledgeable sales representatives @1300 800 833 to help you select the plan that’s right for your vehicle.

    For existing members, please refer to your warranty policy for detailed components covered.
  • What kinds of replacement parts will you put on my vehicle during a claim?
    Warranty repairs will be made entirely at the discretion of Warranty Smart who reserves the right to either repair/recondition damaged components, or to replace damaged components with used, reconditioned or OEM parts.
    However, if you intend to request for brand new original parts, you could communicate to our claim adjuster before commencement of the claim job. Such replacement is only possible if you agree to top up the difference between the cost of a brand new part and that of a used/reconditioned/OEM part.
  • What do claim limits on the warranty plan mean?
    Each type of warranty plan has its own respective claim limits.
    For example, GOLD plan has limit of RM10,000 per claim, with total aggregate claims up to RM50,000. This means RM10,000 is the maximum limit for each claim, and you can have unlimited number of claims throughout your warranty period, as long as it is within covered components & as long as your total claim limit of RM50,000 still has available balance. Repetitive claims are also allowed on the same components.
  • Does Warranty Smart pay for Labor charges?
    Absolutely. For all covered claims, we will take care both the costs of parts and labor
  • Which parts are NOT covered by warranty?
    Generally, any part not listed under covered components of each type of warranty plan will not be claimable. All extended warranty policies tend not to include wear & tear items such as filters, spark plugs, fluids, brake pads, tyres etc.
  • Do I need to inspect my vehicle before purchasing?
    Yes. We will provide a FREE inspection service on your vehicle for approval.
    • For Klang Valley locations, you can make appointment for our door-to-door mobile inspection.
    • For outside Klang Valley locations, you can drive in to any of our authorized panel workshop nearest to you!
  • How do I know if my vehicle is eligible to purchase the extended warranty plan?
    Generally, Warranty Smart plans are eligible for vehicles up to 10 years of age from its manufacture year & within 150,000kms odometer reading. If your vehicle is over 10 years from year make, or running more than 150,000kms, we will evaluate your eligibility based on vehicle condition upon our inspection.
  • When does my coverage begin after purchase?
    Your warranty commencement date & mileage will be stated on your warranty policy. Unlike other extended warranty companies, we do not apply any cooling period. This means you can claim almost immediately from the warranty start date
  • Is Towing provided when breakdown happens?
    Yes. 24hrs Towing service is included in your warranty plan throughout West Malaysia.
    Your vehicle will be towed to our nearest authorized panel, of which the fees incurred will be free up to a limit of RM300. Any amount exceeding RM300 will be borne by customers. You can enjoy unlimited number of towing trips throughout your valid warranty period. (Towing hotline: 1300 80 1818)
  • How do I know if my car problem is claimable under warranty?
    You can take your car to our nearest authorized panel for checking/diagnose and such service is FREE! The panel will be in contact with our claims department to determine if the fault is a covered item under your warranty plan.
  • How do I file for a claim?
    At Warranty Smart, we strive for a no-hassle claim process. Simply call our claims department @ +60182280133. A personalized claim advisor will walk you through the process.
    Already at our authorized panel? The panel will determine the cause of failure & as long as it is a covered component, it will be taken care for you!
  • Do I need to pay upfront for claim?
    No. You do not need to pay for an approved claim. No waiting for reimbursements as we get you back on the road fast! Once the repair is completed, we will pay the panel workshop directly. You will only be responsible for any non-covered charges (if any).
  • How do I check the status of my claim?
    You can call/whatsapp our claims department directly @ +60182280133 for instant repair status update!
  • What happens when a part is not covered?
    If the problem is not within your warranty plan coverage, we are still here to help you. We will act as your liaison to the repair process, making recommendations, and ensure you aren’t getting taken advantage of. We aren’t just selling you warranty, we are fully backing you up!
  • If I file for a claim, will my premium increase the next time when I renew my warranty?
    Absolutely No. No matter how many claims you file, your premium will not increase. Likewise, no-claim-discount is also not available for all extended warranty plans.
  • Where can I take my car for service?
    Warranty Smart adopts “OPEN SERVICE” concept for your convenience! You are allowed to maintain all routine services at any of your own preferred workshop, regardless it is our panel or non-panel.
    Only checking of faults & claims on covered items must be performed at our authorized panel workshops.
  • What responsibilities do I have to keep my warranty active?
    • You need to maintain your routine services timely and keep proper records for all the maintenance in your warranty service booklet (workshop stamps).
    • Ensure safekeeping of your warranty service booklet. If your booklet is lost, please report to us immediately for a replacement booklet at a charge of RM100. The booklet is compulsory in the event of a claim.
    • Do not misuse, neglect or modify your vehicle during your warranty period.
  • Can I transfer my warranty to new owner if I sell my car?
    Definitely! Warranty stays with the vehicle regardless of change in ownership. This also mean that your car warranty can add value to the selling of your used car.
  • Can I cancel my warranty?
    Once your warranty plan is activated, it is non-refundable and non-transferable to another vehicle.
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