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A good insurance plan can help grow your wealth and safeguard your financial assets if life throws a curveball at you. The best insurance plan doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one, and in fact, planning for the long run can be simple if you efficiently manage your expenses.

RHB insurance believes that financial safety is an important and achievable goal for every household and provides you with all the tools and instruments required to select the most appropriate plan for you. RHB’s banking services are aimed to help you grow and safeguard your wealth while offering several benefits in terms of discounts on grocery orders that can add value to your lifestyle. Their premier services are customized to your personal needs. RHB also offers premium day-to-day banking, wealth management services as well as international privileges which provides you access to preferential financial products that are exclusive to premier members.

Premier members are also eligible for a personal relationship manager that is committed to helping you manage and grow your financial assets. RHB group also has a wide range of financial products to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for personal insurance, Islamic banking, or services to help grow your business, the RHB group has it all. With the highest road fatality risk among all ASEAN countries per 100,000 of their population, Malaysia has over 50% of these fatalities are associated with motorcycle accidents. With such high risks attached to your daily commute, RHB motor insurance ensures that it''s motor insurance is Malaysia’s top insurance provider for motor vehicle claims. Through a combination of the most reliable financial services in one convenient location, you can be sure to stay protected both on and off the road.

Malaysia has an average of 5.7 deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles. Road injuries and fatalities have been a growing concern as Malaysia has consistently recorded more than 6000 killed and around 25,000 recorded injuries for the last five years. RHB insurance has designed policies that ensure maximum damage coverage in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that can arise from being on the road every day. The primary services in their repertoire include:


1. Road rescue

All motor vehicles start to wear in use over time, making them less reliable and more susceptible to unpredictable circumstances that could leave you stranded on the road. With RHB’s road rescue plans, customers receive up to RM100,00 in personal accident coverage anywhere in the world. These plans also include a free towing service as well as hassle-free post repair.

2. Private car insurance

When investing in a motor vehicle, purchasing private car insurance is the best financial safety blanket that you can provide for yourself. RHB car insurance policy includes a RM 3 million liability limit against third party liabilities, free towing up to RM300 per breakdown and a no claim discount that safeguard your investment against any damage incurred in the long run.

3. Motorist personal accident insurance

In addition to safeguarding your physical assets, RHB’s motorist own accident insurance policy ensures its safeguards your life and financial interests in case of any unfortunate losses. With this policy customers get an enhanced sum insured up to RM240,000 and an opportunity for additional payouts with an additional policy. At relatively low premium rates of RM4.42 per month, this policy makes financial safety affordable for everyone.

4. Motorcycle insurance

To make sure that your physical assets are protected in the case of a crash, RHB has designed a comprehensive policy that covers the costs of damages should a motorcyclist crash. RHB motor insurance policy includes a no-claims discount and up to RM50 reimbursement of towing charges along with protection from third party liabilities.

5. Motorcyclist personal accident insurance

Half of all fatal accidents in Malaysia are due to motorcycle accidents and collisions with other motor vehicles. To ensure that households are protected in the case of any possible accident, RHB’s policy covers up to RM6000 in case of accidental death or permanent disablement while riding. It also covers up bereavement expenses to RM500.

The RHB group helps you prepare for any likely scenario that one might encounter on the road. They help create a cushion of finances that you can rely on in case of damage and loss. You can browse through available policies or RHB products on the web page which has made purchasing insurance and tracking claims so much simpler for its users to access from any location. You can find the precise terms of each policy on the website. Enter a valid email ID to



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