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For all Kurnia insured drivers, now you can have more option when renewing your auto insurances. Get extra quotes from other 6 insurances companies, compare and renew you auto insurance with extra savings. Everything in 5 minutes time.

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Automobile crashes and roadside breakdowns are a shared burden associated with owning a private motor vehicle. Sometimes, seemingly small changes can add up over time to leave a big dent in your wallet. Routine maintenance, servicing charges, insurance, and tolling fees are only some of the hidden costs that come along with automotive proprietorship. AMGeneral Insurance Berhad also known as Kurnia Insurance is one of the leaders in the Malaysian roadside emergency market, providing customers with a variety of financial products, emergency auto assistance services, and policyholders can renew their insurance from anywhere at any time through the Kurnia online portal.

Malaysia experiences a high number of fatalities due to road accidents each year. These accidents are the consequence of a large number of automobile owners that commute daily on the road. To safeguard your funds and prospects in the event of any unforeseen motor accidents. Kurnia Insurance has developed several affordable online insurance policies that can be purchased and renewed through a single payment. Kurnia motor insurance even goes the extra mile for its policyholders by offering some benefits in addition to the sum insured.

Benefits offered by Kurnia:

  • 24-hour Kurnia auto assist and a free towing service in the event of a breakdown
  • Digital tools such as an inbuilt SOS and GPS tracker with a Kurnia branch and workshop locator.
  • Free fuel delivery in case you run out unexpectedly.
  • Free SMS service through which you will receive instant claims notifications, renewal, reminders, and answers to NCD inquiries that can help speed up the process and reach a resolution quicker.
  • The omnichannel feature allows you to get a quote and save it online before proceeding to the closest branch along with some general documents to make a payment at a convenient time.
  • Kurnia’s unique platform allows customers to browse and purchase road tax, motor insurance, PA, and so much more all in one transaction and at one destination.
  • Kurnia Express grants claims immediately in cash in the case of an accident or breakdown.

Additionally, as part of your Kurnia motor insurance experience, you can select from a variety of customizable policies designed to reflect the diversity of the needs of Kurnia insurance online customers. The two most sought-after policy categories are:

  • Kurnia comprehensive motor insurance
  • Kurnia’s auto365 policies that offer damage coverage, protection against third party liabilities, theft, fire, and so much more.

For customers interested in purchasing personal policies, Kurnia offers policies such as Private Car Comprehensive, Private Motor Comprehensive, Auto365 Third Party Fire and Theft Premier, Private Hire car (E-hailing) Endorsement, Auto365 Comprehensive Plus, Auto365 Comprehensive Premier, among many others. For businesses and corporate clients looking to purchase policies to safeguard their financial assets, Kurnia offers policies such as Commercial Vehicle, Business Fire 365, M&E 365, Fire Industrial All-Risks, Business Fire Insurance, and Fire Consequential loss.

Kurnia is a member of the Ambank group and a Malaysia Berhad establishment that is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of trust transparency that ensure that you get ample value for your investment. With Kurnia consolidated services, getting insured just became a much simpler process. When your luck is down, you can be sure that policyholders can count on Kurnia to safeguard their physical and monetary assets.


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