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AXA Insurance

In 2017, the government of Malaysia de-tariffed motor insurance. Since the time the government passed these regulations, insurance companies have been practicing risk-based pricing, meaning that they can charge premiums based on the individual risk profile of the customer. As a result, there are over 20 different insurance and Takaful providers in Malaysia that currently sell motor insurance–each delivering a different set of policies and premiums that offer a wider variety of options to choose from. Evaluating and getting car insurance is often a tedious process to select which providers and policies work best for your individual or family's needs.

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad happens to be one of the best car insurance companies in Malaysia. The company currently holds the third-best company in the Motor Insurance Survey at the 2019 Insurance Awards. AXA Insurance Malaysia has been regarded as having the best-branded experience among its competitors and is famous for its easy-to-access, user friendly website that offers premium insurance policies at relatively low prices. The site also promotes special discounted offers to allow every household a chance to secure their financial and physical assets from damage or loss.

AXA's service offerings include life insurance, travel insurance, Malaysia's first online medical card, and car insurance products that are all available online. Over the years, AXA motor insurance has maintained its reputation for having the best 5-star customer support services in assisting prospective policyholders with any details or answers to queries if you purchase with your policy with Fincrew. Our highly professional support team can assist you by helping you select an appropriate policy, make the payment and renew policies instantly through the online portal from the convenience of your own home.

AXA Insurance Benefits

If that isn't enough, AXA Insurance also offers additional benefits along with the sum insured:

1. Safe Driving Bonus Up To 20%

AXA motor insurance policies are designed to protect the lives and prospects of the policyholder and their family. This is why policyholders also receive access to tools such as one-of-a-kind telematics that can improve the safety standards of the driver over time, ensuring enhanced protection. Telematics involves installing a small device into the vehicle that can track and monitor the behaviour of the driver and the usage of the car and provide crucial information that could prevent collisions or malfunctions due to human error.

2. 10% online discount

Their webpage is exceptionally user-friendly and provides all the details required to purchase or renew a policy through a hassle-free virtual process that takes very little time. In addition to the sheer convenience of the online portal, customers making purchases through the website are even eligible for an additional 10% online discount.

3. Quick and easy estimate service

When purchasing a significant investment such as motor insurance, individuals may want to compare estimates from multiple insurance providers to ensure they get the best value for their investment. AXA makes the process of securing an accurate estimate so much simpler and quicker. All one needs to do is select the policy of interest and then enter the required details such as name, vehicle number, NRIC, vehicle location, phone number and email address.

4. Enhanced Safety Features

AXA's motor insurance is also customized to guarantee road protection and smart connectivity for vehicles to every automotive owner through the use of micro tagging vehicles. This technology allows the vehicle owner and the insurance company to receive automatic accident alerts and Emergency Assistance Response if a collision takes place. It also comes with automatic breakdown and emergency roadside assistance and a Safe Driving Alert (SDA) that all add to a safer driving experience.

5. 24/7 Vehicle Security & Theft Recovery

AXA's all-encompassing motor insurance policies are designed to ensure maximum coverage of expenses in the event of damage or theft. AXA has also developed policies that respond to the needs of specific demographics. For example, special comprehensive motor insurance policies for women drivers and e-hailing drivers protect their interests both on and off the road. AXA has even made it possible to add-on covers such as window snatch theft, 24/7 unlimited emergency towing, faster claims approval, an additional cash payout of up to 20% of sum insured, car delivery after the repair, repair warranty and much more at very affordable prices. Please be informed that the government of Malaysia will implement service tax with effect from 1st September 2018 at a rate of 6% following the Service Tax Act 2018 and your obligation to pay this service tax would be a part of your insurance policy.
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