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Malaysia's 1st COVID Vaccine Insurance
BY Benzinga | Aug 20th, 2021,03:55pm
For several months, going to work, having outings, and any other activity directly or indirectly involving physical contact had to be put on hold due to the pandemic’s ravaging effects on the nation and the world at large. Till this very moment, the damage that the Covid pandemic is doing on the entire world keeps rising. Unlike before, there now appears to be a ray of hope in the crisis – thanks to the vaccine’s viable, recent development. With the vaccine just wrapping up its trial stages in the country, however, more than a few Malaysians have serious questions about this vaccine’s safety. This concern is indeed merited for various reasons.

Vaccine Administration Concerns In Malaysia

Vaccines have a track record of stimulating adverse receptions in a few of their recipients. It is for this reason that these drugs are extensively tested before being put into circulation. While the COVID-19 vaccine has been through and continues to go through rigorous screening, there wasn’t enough time to test the vaccine’s effectiveness and potential adverse impacts to the fullest. This is because, with each passing day, the pandemic continues to spread. So, as of this very moment, only the short-term adverse effects of taking the vaccine have been conclusively established. These side effects range from itching at the injection site to pain, swelling, and redness. The long-term side effects are yet to be fully determined. By extension, there’s no conclusive way of predicting how severe any side effect of the vaccine can at the moment. Such a situation presents a major problem as it would be difficult to expect anyone to submit to getting the vaccine when there’s a real chance that they could get hurt from taking it.

How Does The Fincrew And Zurich Insurance Partnership Help?

At Fincrew, they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that getting the vaccine is a necessity, not an option. They came to this conclusion because it’s relatively obvious that without the protection the vaccine offers, it would be problematic for anyone who wants to resume their daily life to do so. On the other hand, they wouldn’t want anyone to put themselves in danger during getting the vaccine, which is why they partnered with Zurich Insurance to provide a special Covid vaccine insurance package that people can take out to handle any eventualities that occur from taking the vaccine.

Why Is This Insurance Important?

This new insurance is a one-of-a-kind package in Malaysia that offers you the coverage you can trust to have your back during these trying times. Your health and financial safety and security are of paramount importance, which is why this is something you can’t afford to take a chance on without this type of coverage. This new partnership between Fincrew and Zurich Insurance opens a platform for Malaysians they can leverage to secure their health and finances.

By getting this insurance, you can confidently undergo the vaccination process and begin to rejoin society without fear of the Covid contagion actively. Considering how important this is, the process of getting this coverage has been remarkably simplified, so you won’t go through any hassles to get it.
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