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Be it for business or pleasure, there’s no contesting that travel is life for many people. What’s more, with the opportunities for overseas travel opening with each passing day, there’s no better chance than the present to get in on the action.As we desire to help you get the financial freedom you need to live a life free of worry, we’ve stepped up the type and quality of travel coverage options you can now access on our platform!

Types Of Travel Insurances

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  • Why Is Travel Insurance Important?
    This policy is vital because of how crucial it can be in the face of unexpected expenses. It protects you from medical costs to loss of travel documents and baggage. It also kicks in should you have to miss a flight or even cancel your trip.
  • What is Trip Cancellation Insurance?
    The aspect of travel insurance that refunds you all you might’ve paid for a trip if you have to cancel going on that journey for a reason covered by your insurance policy.
  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Flight Changes?
    Yes, it does. However, whether you get compensated or not greatly depends on two things. The first is the exact nature of your policy, while the second is the circumstance of the change. As such, compensation for sudden flight changes isn’t automatic.
  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Flight Delays?
    Again, this depends on the policy you’re under and your insurer. Most insurers will allow you to get back all you might’ve lost from the flight delay if it exceeds a 24-hour time period.
  • How Long Does Travel Insurance Last?
    Your travel insurance can last anywhere from 10 to 45 days, depending on the package. If your policy has a renewable option, you can activate that while still away. But if it doesn’t, you may need to get in touch with your insurer to iron things out.
  • Does Travel Insurance Cover the Coronavirus?
    Whether or not your travel insurance covers coronavirus is entirely at the discretion of your insurer. So, you need to contact them to be specific. However, it’s always best to get coronavirus insurance separately to be safe.
  • Is Travel Insurance Compulsory For Traveling Abroad?
    Currently, travel insurance isn’t operated like car insurance in the country. Because of this, a traveler may choose not to get travel insurance if they intend to travel out of Malaysia.
  • If You Miss Your Flight, Can You Claim On Your Travel Insurance?
    It depends on the circumstances behind the missed flight. For instance, if you missed the flight because of a time change and there was no notification in advance of this, you could file a claim against the carrier. But, in the case of missing a connecting flight, you may not get reimbursed.
  • Can Illnesses Be Covered In Travel Insurance?
    If the illness came about unexpectedly during your trip, your travel insurance would very likely cover the medical expenses that’ll come about from your treatment.
  • Should I Buy Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel?
    Typically, this policy is more helpful if traveling out of Malaysia. However, you can still purchase travel insurance for domestic travel as it will further add to your cover.
  • Is It Better To Buy Insurance Per Trip Or Annually?
    This decision should be influenced by how often you travel. You may get this policy annually if you’re a frequent traveler. However, if you only leave the country once in a while, getting travel insurance per trip may prove more rewarding.
  • Does Travel Insurance More Expensive As You Get Closer To The Trip?
    No, it doesn’t. So you won’t be incurring any extra charges if you get it close to your trip.
  • Can I Get Travel Insurance Even At The Last Moment From The Airport?
    Yes, you can. However, this may affect certain aspects of your coverage. For instance, you may not be able to get cancellation protection this way.
  • Does Travel Insurance Generally Cover Cash Money Stolen?
    No, it doesn’t. Also, you cannot get any add-on coverage that will afford you this luxury. To understand travel insurance even better, check this out.
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