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Kurnia Insurance Via Fincrew

Kurnia Insurance is one of the oldest and most respected names in the insurance industry in Malaysia. Known initially as Industrial & Commercial Insurance Bhd, Kurnia Insurans Malaysia has been operating for nearly half a century. A specialist in finance and protection has a vast distribution network and channel that makes it easy for Malaysians everywhere to access the public insurance company. This insurer was also the first to fully embrace the Internet's potential as a resource to better care for their customers. As a result, Online Kurnia Insurance has one of the most extensive services available over the Internet. It is also straightforward to use Kurnia Insurance Online quotation to get more information on the wealth of services. Now formally known as AmGeneral Insurance Berhad, Kurnia Insurans Malaysia formed a partnership in 2012 with AmG Insurance Berhad to become a truly exceptional insurance giant. Now one of the major auto insurers in the country, at least one in six cars is currently insured by Kurnia Insurance and its partner. Today, they enjoy the trust and patronage of more than 4 million automobile owners in Malaysia.

Kurnia Motor Insurance Online Products

When you need Kurnia Insurance renewal, or you're shopping for a new package entirely, there's a lot that this insurer has to offer in terms of protection, should you ever get involved in an accident. Some of the products you can get with Kurnia Motor Insurance include:

Kurnia Auto365 Comprehensive Plus

Specially designed for vehicle owners who want to get car insurance for their private car without breaking the bank, the auto365 Comprehensive Plus affords you a sterling service that comes packed with numerous benefits and value-added services. Some of the perks of using this service include but aren't limited to critical care cover, window snatch theft, towing assistance, and warranty for artistry repairs, among many other advantages.

Kurnia Auto365 Comprehensive Premier

Another service you can take advantage of to protect your private car is the Kurnia Motor insurance auto365 Comprehensive Premier policy package. With this, your automobile has premium protection and many all-risk features you can reliably count on to cover numerous expenses. As with many of Kurnia auto insurance coverage, it comes with certain advantages like 24-hour free towing assistance within a 365km radius, compassionate allowance for loss of vehicle, and attempted theft compensation.

What Makes Kurnia Insurance Great

At the forefront of auto insurance innovation and development in Malaysia, this insurer has successfully developed several tools that you can readily use, regardless of your policy. With Kurnia Insurance, you also get numerous digital tools that you can use to speed up your insurance process. It helps you get the policy you want to assist you with the payment phase as well. You also get 24-hour auto assistance to make your vehicle use a more straightforward affair. You have to reach out to the support team and help you solve your auto problem conveniently.

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