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When you travel, you would want to have a worry-free holiday. Fincrew travel insurance will protect you and your family during your holidays, overseas or domestic.
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*All Travel Insurances are Eligible for Malaysians, Permanent Residents, Employment Pass/Work Permit Holders and Dependant(s) of Pass Holders, excluding overseas secondment & students studying overseas.

Travel Insurance Benefits

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

Trip cancellation is when something happens that prevents you from going on a previously planned trip, such as an unforeseen medical problem. Trip interruption is when you are part way through your journey and something happens that cuts it short, such as a family member’s medical emergency back home or a workers’ strike at an airport.

Evacuation Insurance

These cover the cost of moving you to a location where you can get necessary and appropriate treatment in the event of a medical emergency. Evacuation costs are generally not covered by your regular home-based health insurance.

Baggage and Personal Items Loss

This coverage provides reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and other personal items. It’s usually offered for your entire trip, not just flight-related activities.

Pandemic Cover

This add-in covers Hospitalization & Benefits related to COVID-19.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Pays for emergency medical expenses during a trip. If you are traveling and have an unexpected illness, injury or medical condition that’s covered by your travel medical insurance, the plan will reimburse you, up to the plan limits.

Personal Accident Insurance

Coverage for a quick getaway. Protection that stays with you all the way. Protects you against accidental bodily injury, even on short-term journeys.

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Travel Insurance FAQ
  • Why do I need travel insurance?
  • What does travel insurance cover?
    Travel insurance provide accidental cover, illness or loss of personal belongings etc. Some insurance company provide additional benefits such as trip cancellation, pandemic cover or sports equipment.
  • What is a pre-existing medical condition?
    A medical condition that started before a person’s insurance went into effect.
  • When should I buy travel insurance?
    You should buy your travel insurance before your trip start and it is advisable to start 1 day or earlier before your trip.
  • Does travel insurance cover natural disasters?
    Most of the travel insurance cover natural disasters and subject to the terms of the policy. It is important to compare your travel insurance at Fincrew.
  • How long does travel insurance Last?
    Some of the insurance company cover up to 190 days for single trip and 90 days for annual trip cover. It is important to consult Fincrew Customer Service or refer to Product Brochure or Policy Wording from the respective insurance companies.
  • What is the use of trip cancellation insurance?
    This benefit compensates you for irrecoverable travel and accommodation expenses as a result of trip cancellation due to serious injury or illness.
  • Can I cancel travel insurance if I cancel my trip?
    You may terminate the policy at any time by giving a written notice to the company within fourteen (14) days or contact our Customer Service Centre here. Such termination shall become effective on the date the notice is received by the Company or the date specified in the notice, whichever is earlier. No premium will be refunded upon cancellation of cover.

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