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Planning your legacy today
There is a saying “Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst”. Tomorrow is unpredictable. Take care of your loved ones by planning your legacy today.
Does Having a Will Truly Help Your Family?
What if you had a dog that meant the world to you. Every day, without fail, you’d feed her, take her out for walks and make sure she never missed her appointments with the vet. You made sure she was never out in the rain or ate any chocolate. And, when she had cute little puppies, you protected her and her kids, ensuring no harm came to them.

But what happens when you’re not around?

Who’ll take your dog for walks? Who’ll feed her and her pups? Will anyone take care of them the way you’d like? Just what would be the fate of your dear companion? These are the same questions you need to find answers to where your assets are concerned! How do you ensure that all you’ve poured your heart and soul into doesn’t fall into ruin when you’re finally gone? More importantly, how do you ensure that it doesn’t cause conflict between the people you love?

The answer’s getting the best online writing service in Malaysia!
Why Do I Need A Will?

Without a Will, your assets could be more burdensome than beneficial to your family at a time when they are most vulnerable. The distribution involved can be a long legal process especially if there is a dispute. You should never assume that your assets would automatically go to the person you want to benefit. Given them security by making a Will and the law will protect your wishes.

  • Can I Write a Will Without Any Witnesses? Will it be Valid?
  • Can You Write a Will At Any Age?
    The law requires you to be at least 18 years of age to prepare a valid Will. Provided you’re at or above 18, the law willfully acknowledges will and the final testament you put together.
  • How Important Is a Will? Should You Write a Will?
    Putting together a will is critical because it secures your estate upon your passing and takes care of the ones you leave behind. With a Will, everyone knows what you want, and any incidents of misunderstanding will be minimal. You should write a Will because it puts you in control and helps you attend to all your affairs in detail.
  • What Is a Good Age To Write One’s will?
    There’s no better time than the present! Provided you’re above 18, and of sound mind, it never hurts to have your will prepared. You can then update it as events transpire.
  • Do I Require An Attorney To Execute a Will?
    Strictly speaking, the law doesn’t require that an attorney must be the executor of your will. Virtually anyone can execute your choice, provided you consider them competent enough to handle the task. Having established this, it bears mentioning that it’s often recommended that you have an attorney execute your will as they understand the legal terrain better and will have an easier time of the affair.
  • What Happens If a Will Is Signed But Not Witnessed?
    If your will isn’t witnessed or appropriately witnessed, it’ll automatically be deemed invalid by the law.
  • Under What Situations Can a Will Be Revoked?
    There are several things that a testator (you) can do that may lead to the revocation of your will. For example, the regular operation of the law will revoke a choice if prepared before you had a second marriage. Also, destroying the will yourself or directing someone to do the same on your behalf can lead to the legal document being revoked.
  • Can One Person Write Two Wills at the Same Time?
    Yes and no. A person can have two wills in effect at the same time if the wills govern two different estates. However, one person can’t have two wills controlling one estate simultaneously.
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