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The Government of Malaysia has mandated that foreign nationals travelling to Malaysia must have COVID-19 Insurance with a minimum coverage of USD 20,000 (equivalent to RM 85,000). Underwritten by Tune Protect Malaysia (Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad) , COVID Travel Pass is a comprehensive travel insurance plan designed exclusively for travellers flying to Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What’s the Difference Between Standard Travel Insurance Plans and COVID Travel Insurance Cover?
  • What Happens If I Contract COVID During My Stay In Malaysia?
    As one of the leading COVID-19 pandemic coverage providers in Malaysia at the moment, our insurance company will promptly step in and cover everything from your emergency medical expenses to refundable trip costs. We’ll also afford you a host of other benefits.
  • Do I Still Need Travel Insurance For COVID-19 In Malaysia If I’ve Been Fully Vaccinated?
    Malaysian Immigrations have lifted these particular travel pass requirements for short-term travelers who have been fully vaccinated. It never hurts to get this policy still as there are incidents of people who have been vaccinated still falling ill from the virus. Our COVID Travel Insurance cover ensures that should this happen to you, any financial expenses you incur will be minimal, at the most.

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