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Allianz Insurance Via Fincrew

Allianz Insurance is one insurer that has proven to be highly proficient in financially protecting lives and properties. As a leading European financial services company, the establishment's headquarters is in Munich, Germany. Majorly focused on asset management and insurance, this establishment is represented by two insurance companies in Malaysia today. Those are the Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia and the Allianz General Insurance Company. Both of these companies are under the ownership of the parent company, Allianz Malaysia Berhad (AMB).

Allianz Insurance Malaysia Today

Allianz Malaysia has become a name that many can trust in the country today because of the sterling services they have been able to deliver with an unwavering level of consistency. They provide nothing short of laudable services, from their life insurance plan to car and motorcycle insurance products. Due to this, positive reviews are abundant from most of the people that they insure. The brand also has several laurels to serve as a testament to the high level of service they remain committed to providing. They were the first to win the Outstanding Achievement Award bestowed by the ASEAN Corporate Governance Conference and Awards (ACGCA). They confirmed their zeal to give people in the country nothing short of the highest level of protection when Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad clinched the top spot in The Life Insurance Category at the Malaysia International Business Awards earlier in 2021.

Allianz Insurance Products

Allianz in Malaysia has a lot to offer people all over the nation today. The insurance products that they have on display are in different groups. These are known as Personal Insurance and Business Insurance.

What To Expect From Personal Insurance

Divided into different categories, here's all you need to know about these packages.

Automotive And Travel Policies

This package covers everything from car and motorcycle insurance plans to all kinds of roadside assistance and travel and flight coverage. Here, you can access an array of insurance coverage for your vehicle like the primary Third Party Cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover, and finally, the Comprehensive Cover. Your motorcycle isn't left out as well, as you can get unique Alliance Insurance products for it like the Motorcycle Plus. Lastly, in recognition of the increasingly varied purposes to which vehicle owners put their automobiles, Allianz Malaysia also affords you the option of getting a special e-Hailing Add On for extra coverage as well. Quality road assistance is essential because automobiles can break down anywhere and at any time. You will have a list of different packages to accommodate users, including The Bike Warrior, Road Warrior, and finally, the Enhanced Road Warrior. Finally, travel care is becoming increasingly important, thus creating a Travel Insurance policy package. It enables you to get that extra layer of protection when you travel by air. You can access the Allianz Flight Care here as well.

Life, Medical And Critical Illness

There is no better time to keep your life and ensure that you do all it takes to remain in good health. It is why Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad exists; to help you find the best coverage to tide you through if the unexpected happens. With these packages, you rest assured that they will pay all necessary death benefits to the assigned beneficiary. Where Life Protection is concerned, various packages you can avail yourself of include the Allianz PrimeCover, Allianz MoneyBack, Allianz PowerLink, Allianz1 Cover, Allianz BolehCover, Allianz i-EssentialCover, Power Shield, and Allianz Kasih Hayat. Each of these policies gives you that much-needed assurance that you're doing the best you can for yourself and your family. In the Medical & Hospitalization category, you will also find several medical cards that you can leverage, such as the Allianz MediCure and the Allianz Booster Care. These policies can significantly reduce how much you spend every time you need medical attention. Another category that can also help reduce what you spend on medical bills is the Critical Illness package. When you leverage policies like Prime Care+, HealthCover Plus, and others, you get to see a reasonable difference in your overall expenses. A few other product groups you can readily avail yourself of here include Personal Accident Insurance, Saving, Investments and Waivers policies, and Home Insurance. Taking advantage of the various insurance products that you get with Allianz Malaysia can make all the difference. With the world in its state of flux, this insurer can provide you with a surety that you make better plans for the unpredictable future.

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