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Renew Insurance Online In Malaysia With FinCrew

Malaysians now have the option to buy and renew insurance online. The insurance industry is predicted to grow in Malaysia in the next decade. And while insurers have several insurance options, they are restricted by access to these insurer options. By providing online insurance services, the Fincrew platform enables customers to buy and renew insurance online. With this platform, drivers have more insurance providers to choose from, better price quotes on policies, better flexibility on the insurance, purchase insurance quickly, removing the need for a middleman, and much more.

Customers get end-to-end service when it comes to dealing with their insurance options online on Fincrew. Some of these services include but are not limited to road tax renewal, car insurance, motorcycle insurance and any other extra coverage. Insurers also have several insurance plans and policies for policyholders to avail of, all hassle-free and at the click of a button. Insurers can choose from our pool of top insurance providers. Some of the insurance providers featured on the platform include (but not limited to) Etiqa car insurance, RHB car insurance, Kurnia car insurance, Zurich car insurance, Axa car insurance, and more.

Insurers looking to renew their auto insurance policies can do so online as well. This enables cover (insurance plans) on new insurance purchases as well as older insurances. All a person needs to do is enter their necessary information for insurance requirements such as IC number, postcode and vehicle registration number. Then you get the option to select a quote from various providers. Getting quotes on your insurance is a free service provided by Fincrew. After selecting and reviewing the coverage, you then have the option of making your payment online. 

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