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RHB Insurance Via Fincrew

RHB General Insurance has been an integral part of the Malaysian insurance space since its official incorporation on the 7th of March 1978. In that time, they have delivered nothing short of the best service to their customers. The solid connection that RHB Insurance Berhad has on the local scene makes them a true force to contend with. They can astutely determine the varying needs of potential customers and guide them to the best package to meet their demands. Their approach to complaint feedback is fast, and they readily provide you with any necessary link or information you need to make a more informed decision with your insurance policy. Dedicated to the business of ensuring that every insured party with them can boast of foolproof financial protection, they empower you to do more and live your life to the fullest. Unforeseen events have a way of disrupting your plans. RHB Takaful Insurance exists to ensure that these disruptions have only a minimal if any, effect on your bearing. With more than 1 500 authorized agents you can call on nationwide, RHB Insurance online services are also available for you to make use of to renew or buy new coverage. Once read and understood, the information contained in the website can accurately address any simple request inquiry.

RHB General Insurance Products

Listed below are major RHB products you can leverage and some of the benefits of using these services. Also, remember that even though you acknowledge that I have read and understood the insurance policy, this alone is an endorsement. As such, you can cease to apply and give your consent to the RHB website at any time.

Motor Comprehensive Coverage

To improve your convenience only and ensure that you do not have to go far to get quality, you can leverage this auto insurance coverage from the comfort of your home. The current website and RHB ranking reveal why RHB insurance review all over the internet is at an all-time high. Some of the many benefits of this policy include coverage for lost or damaged automobiles, around-the-clock emergency auto assist service, more than 700 workshops at the ready to handle your repairs, and fast breakdown assistance, among many others.

Travel Coverage

RHB Insurance Berhad also offers many other services that keep you covered while going anywhere in the world. With this travel insurance policy, you get 24-hour international travel assistance in your preferred language, complete medical evacuation and repatriation privileges, credit card indemnity, and various home care benefits. With these tools, you can go on any trip, whether locally or overseas, with complete assurance that you are covered and protected from numerous eventualities.

Medical Coverage

It is the policy you want to have in the event of hospitalization or surgery. It affords you cashless hospital admission, a higher overall annual and lifetime limit, and lifelong medical attention. It doesn’t end there, though. With MediSupreme, you can also get underwriting-free upgrade features and no imposition of any copayment fees on your medical bills.

Lastly, you afford the luxury of extending your range of protection. You can take advantage of any number of deductible options, which is a great way to save money without putting yourself at any risk. The level of freedom you get with RHB Insurance packages means that you can tailor virtually any policy to suit your needs.

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