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Accidental or fire damage isn’t something anyone can plan. But in the event of such damage or loss, the most important thing is first to ensure that all parties involved are at least physically and medically fine. Once done, everyone can get back to dealing with the damage that ensued from the accident. Having an insurance policy that covers everything can be the difference between walking away unscathed or you having to spend what’s in your bank account to cover all the repairs and legal liabilities that might happen.

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Getting Maximum Motor Insurance Coverage In Malaysia

Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad is a seasoned veteran in the field of covering liabilities to Third parties as well as personal vehicle damage. Everything from the Third Partya primary coverage to the exclusive Private Car Comprehensive Insurance policy is geared toward ensuring that every vehicle owner can hit the highway without fear or worry. Berjaya Sompo car insurance is a comprehensive policy that every owner can easily tweak to match their budget. Yet, whether it’s a flat-out vehicle theft or managing the result of damage from a traffic accident or tree fall, this motor insurance is always there to ensure that you keep what you have to pay out-of-pocket to the bare minimum.

Some Berjaya Sompo Car Insurance Packages

Some of the product features that have ensured Berjaya Insurance the fantastic reputation for motor insurance and vehicle protection they have in the country today are:

  • The Sompo MotorSafe
  • The Sompo MotorNow
  • The Sompo Motor
  • The Private Motor.
  • The Auto Plus P.A.
  • The Rakan Auto.
  • The Easy Rider P.A.

Each of these products has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of vehicle owners across various levels. There’s always something for everyone here, from products that are good for helping you fix a damaged bumper or bonnet to those that can kick in, should incidents like personal injury or death take place. Beyond the vast array of products that covers you for your car’s accidental damages, theft or compensation should you suffer legal liabilities. You also get to choose from an extensive list of add-on packages that help wrap you and your precious automobile in a financial cocoon of safety. Apart from getting a massive claim discount, you can also enjoy perks like unlimited towing, legal liabilities of and to passengers, and personal accident protection, to mention a few.

Why Trust Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad

Seasoned insurers understand the ever-changing auto insurance landscape better than most. Because of this, they’re better equipped to protect you and your vehicle, whether on or off the road. So whether it’s getting a new policy or car insurance renewal, this insurer is there to protect your finances round-the-clock! See more on their offerings here.

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