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  • Should I Get a Personal Loan To Settle My Credit Card Debts?
    Yes, depending on your circumstance, this is an avenue worth pursuing. It is because, over time, it can help you save money. In addition, getting a personal loan to help clear your credit card debts may help you develop healthier spending habits and ease what might appear like an overwhelming burden to you. Naturally, the type of loan you take matters a lot. We recommend using a reliable loan comparison tool to identify your options correctly.
  • Why Should I Use The FinCrew Car & Personal Loan Settlement Calculator?
    As an extensively fine-tuned tool, the FinCrew Car & Personal Loan Settlement Calculator removes much of the ambiguity and guesswork that comes with trying to plan your financial future. It is because it's been designed to give you concise and accurate visuals you can use to know what your monthly payments and total costs should be. But more than this, the advanced algorithms of this feature properly account for every variable so that you can put a figure to essential values like your annual percentage rate or APR.
  • How Does The FinCrew Car & Personal Loan Settlement Calculator Work?
    This tool's efficiency depends on how accurate the data inputted into its required fields is. Provided those details are correct, this FinCrew feature will use its complex algorithms to generate the value of the total rebate from the settlement. With this, you can decide whether you want to pay all of the loans in one go and save yourself further costs in the long run or partition your payments over a more extended period.
  • How Can I Settle My Car Loan Or Personal Loan?
    Settling a car or personal loan involves paying off all you owe, usually in a go. As the case may be, you can communicate with your lender or dealer and agree on what sum you're to pay and the date to make that payment. Once you can meet those requirements, you can work towards actively settling the loan.
  • Can I Settle My Car Loan Or Personal Loan Whenever I Want?
    No, you can't. Once you get to the point of contacting your lender or car dealer and establishing a fixed date by which the loan is to be paid in full, you're already on a deadline. Missing that date will result in you having to pay even more money.
  • Can I Shorten My Car Loan Or Personal Loan Tenure Instead of Settling It All In One Go?
    No, you can't do this. You can either opt for an early settlement (which will attract an early settlement levy) or repay the loan in the timeframe.
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