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Golf insurance covers you against accidents on any golf courses and your equipment

Golf seems like a perfectly relaxing pastime, but accidents can happen out there on the course. It only takes an unexpected gust of wind or a nasty hook or slice to send the ball the wrong way. What if the ball hits a person? Golfer’s Insurance is a must for golfers. It pays for loss or damage of golfing equipments and protects you with a personal accident cover, legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to property, plus of course, a hole-in-one award.

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Golfers’ Insurance Benefits
Public Liability

The Company will indemnify the Insured against his legal liability arising out of claim or claims for bodily injury or death or damage to property (not belonging to or in the custody control of the insured) caused by the Insured whilst playing or practising golf on any recognized golf course.

Personal Accident

The Company will indemnify the Insured up to RM25,000 in the case of accidental bodily injury happening to the Insured whilst playing or practising golf on any recognized golf course. (Applicable only to golfers of not less than 16 nor more than 60 years of age).

Fire And Theft

The Company will indemnify the Insured in the event of loss or damage to :

(i) Golf clubs, bags, bag trundlers and other accessories whilst contained in any building or in transit;
(ii) Personal effects (excluding watches, jewellery, trinkets, money, securities or stamps) whilst contained in any golf club premises.


Upon the Insured’s proof of scoring a hole-in-one (certified by the GOLF CLUB), the Company will pay the Insured as follows:

(i) During normal days - RM250 for Plan Birdie or RM500 for Plan Eagle;
(ii) During tournaments - RM1,000 for Plan Birdie or RM1,500 for Plan Eagle.

Extension Cover – Breakage Of Clubs

The Company will indemnify the Insured in the event of accidental damage to or breakage of golf clubs (below 2 years old) belonging to the Insured whilst in course of play or practice but not exceeding the sum RM250 for any one club and RM1,000 for any one period of insurance.

Coverage can be extended to family

(a) Only one nominated spouse .... (below 60 years old).

(b) The Insured’s children below the age of 21 years old who are dependent on the Insured for support and maintenance.

Steps To Apply Golfers’ Insurance
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3 Payment

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4 Policy Issued

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Golfer Insurance FAQ
  • What does golf insurance cover?
  • Do I need golf insurance to play golf in Malaysia?
    While golf insurance is not mandatory in Malaysia, it is highly recommended for golfers to protect themselves against potential risks or accidents that can occur on the golf course.
  • What are the benefits of having golf insurance?
    The benefits of having golf insurance include financial protection against unexpected events that can happen while playing golf, such as injuries, property damage, or equipment loss or theft.
  • How much does golf insurance cost in Malaysia?
    The cost of golf insurance in Malaysia may vary depending on factors such as the coverage limit, duration, and the insurance provider. It is advisable to compare different options and choose a policy that meets your specific needs and budget.
  • Can I purchase golf insurance for a single round of golf, or do I need an annual policy?
    Some insurance providers may offer single-round policies, while others may require an annual policy. It is essential to review the policy details carefully and understand the terms and conditions.
  • What should I do if I am injured while playing golf in Malaysia?
    If you are injured while playing golf in Malaysia, seek medical attention immediately and notify the golf course staff or manager. Contact your insurance provider to file a claim as soon as possible.
  • Does golf insurance cover damage to my golf clubs and other equipment?
    Golf insurance policies may provide coverage for damage or loss of golf clubs and other equipment. However, it is essential to review the policy details carefully and understand the coverage limits and exclusions.
  • Are there any exclusions or limitations in golf insurance policies that I should be aware of?
    Some golf insurance policies may have exclusions or limitations that you need to be aware of, such as coverage only for specific golf courses or types of injuries. It is essential to review the policy details carefully and understand the terms and conditions.
  • Can I add additional coverage to my golf insurance policy?
    Some insurance providers may offer additional coverage options for golf insurance policies. It is essential to consult with your insurance agent or broker for more information about adding coverage.

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