Start Renewing Your Car Insurance With Fincrew

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Start Renewing Your Car Insurance With Fincrew

As per Malaysian law, a car owner must purchase car insurance. Only after that will a car owner be able to renew their road tax liability. A car owner needs to have all three covered before being able to drive on any roads in Malaysia. Given the law of variables, anything could happen to anyone at any point in time. No exceptions even on the road. No one can expect something bad to happen, but it does happen from time to time. If you get into an accident without insurance, it can be a costly affair and an avoidable liability.

Car insurance is the first step in securing your future in the event of an accident. It’s also the first process to be able to get additional insurance or tax before you can drive a car in Malaysia legally. Fincrew is dedicated to helping you find the best car insurance, Malaysia. This means you can check car insurance online and avail the same after evaluating various insurers and policies as well.

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I can now renew my insurance company every year and even select the best coverage I needed for my car.


How does
it work?
Here we take a detailed look at how you can get started with your car insurance.
Are you ready for your car insurance, Malaysia?
Step 1 Search

An insurance buyer looking to buy insurance for the first time or looking to renew their car insurance would need information before making an investment in a policy. Insurance buyers need information concerning the types of car insurance, policies available to them, the cover on each different type of policy (insurance covers), the insurance premium, the insurance company (or insurance providers), fire and theft, etc. Car insurances are classified into three types. A comprehensive insurance policy gives you the most coverage, and also covers any damage to your vehicle in an accident. Next, you can opt for a third-party policy which is the most basic car insurance policy and only covers any damages arising to any third party in an accident. And lastly, you have a third party, fire, and theft car insurance policy which covers a third party as well as your vehicle in the event of a fire or theft.

Our research center is a knowledge base with a host of educational resources that can help an insurance buyer. You have access insurance guides that help shed light on various insurance policies and types of insurance based on an insurance buyer’s need. Articles cover and compare various policies and give you an in-depth view of the insurance industry and insurance products in Malaysia. The news center helps keep you up-to-date with any news on the insurance industry. Besides, you also have access to a range of information that ranges from videos to infographics that you can access at any time, 24/7. Most importantly, you have access to this information for free.

Step 2 Evaluate

After going through our knowledge base and educating yourself, you’d be in a better position to understand and evaluate the different criteria in your car insurance that’s important to you. Some of these criteria can include loss or damage cover on a policy, tenure of the policy, premiums, motor accident, cover for damage to your car, etc.

You can now compare and evaluate the latest car insurance, Malaysia. You will have access to detailed information about each individual insurance product and policy. Also, you have access to view various policies and products in table format. With a table format, it becomes easier to compare aspects that are related to each other. Thus, you’re comparing apples to apples. You can evaluate what insurance works for you before making a purchasing decision that can be a critical decision for you.

During our beta, we generated over 50,000 auto insurance quotes which give insurance buyers a wide range of policies and preferences when purchasing car insurance. Insurance buyers are also given a high degree of customizability for their insurance policies.

Step 3 Purchase

While most insurers offer their services online, it can be hard for an insurance buyer to navigate and search for what they want when they may not know what they’re looking for. This makes it hard for insurance buyers to buy insurance online, and they may opt to do the process in-person. When you can compare various insurance providers and their services as well as purchase insurance from a single point, it makes things a lot easier in terms of time, resources, efficiency, and reliability. This is where Fincrew creates value by establishing itself as a leading car insurance Malaysia comparison website.

You can apply for most insurance products and policies directly through our website for free. You can make an inquiry and receive insurance quotes for free, at any time for the day, month, or year. Getting a quote in real-time and in a matter of seconds can enable you to purchase your insurance on the spot. You can pay for and avail your insurance policy as well as pay for and renew your car insurance online.

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