Start Renewing Your Motorcycle Insurance With Fincrew

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Start Renewing Your Motorcycle Insurance With Fincrew

Motor insurance or motor vehicle insurance is the insurance of motor-run vehicles in the unforeseen event of an accident. This means motor insurance usually extends to car insurance, truck insurance, motorcycle insurance, auto insurance, and so on. Motor insurance is designed to protect you against any financial liability that may arise to a third party or your property. Different types of motor insurance policies will give you various covers against different types of liabilities. While you can’t predict what may happen in the future, it always pays dividends to secure yourself financially.

While it’s beneficial to get motor insurance to secure yourself financially and economically, it’s also mandatory to do so in Malaysia. It’s compulsory for all motor vehicles operating on Malaysian roads to obtain a motor insurance policy for their vehicle under the RTA Act. So there’s added incentive to obtain motor insurance. Not only does Malaysia have a high rate of motor accidents, injuries, and deaths each year, but motorcycle accidents account for more than 60% of fatalities in road accidents in Malaysia. This has a significant impact on the local population that may be uninsured or underinsured. The odds of a person riding a motorcycle and getting into an accident are pretty high, even if a person is a safe rider.

We felt it was necessary for Malaysians to be able to secure their futures against liabilities from motor accidents and to be able to get motorcycle insurance online seamlessly. Thus, Fincrew was designed to help insurance buyers analyze, evaluate, and purchase from among various insurance providers and various motor insurance policies. Insurance buyers can search, evaluate, and buy insurance policies or renew existing/expiring motor insurance policies online.

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How does
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Here we take a detailed look at how you can get started with your motor insurance.
Are you ready for your motor insurance, Malaysia?
Step 1 Search

The first step in searching for motor insurance is to understand the various insurers out there and what they provide as well as the insurance policies and the cover of each policy. While each insurer may list this information on their own website, it can be hard to search through a trove of information online. Apart from that, it’s also vital for you as an insurance buyer to educate yourself about everything that can affect your policy.

You can now search for the best motor insurance, Malaysia, and in only a few steps. You have access to educational resources that help you be informed and makes buying insurance a lot easier. Insurance buyers have access to insurance guides, insurance articles, news, video guides, infographics, and a lot more, all for free. With this much information indexed and adhered to, it makes your job of searching for insurance and policies a lot easier.

Step 2 Evaluate

While each insurer may give you detailed information about their motor insurance policies, it’s hard to compare and evaluate different insurers and different insurance policies. This is hard to do because all the information you’re looking for is not in a single place and also because it can be hard to compare something without setting criteria to compare the policies to.

You can now access various policies and insurers in a single location in a table format that can help you evaluate various policies side by side. This makes comparing various policies, covers on policies, insured sum, duration, and other information quickly obtained–all in one place. You can evaluate various policies for free before making an insurance purchasing decision.

Step 3 Purchase

After you get your insurance quotes and evaluate what you’d like to buy, you can then pay for your motorcycle insurance online, Malaysia. This makes buying motor insurance online hassle-free and saves you time, additional resources, and energy. By purchasing insurance online, you also eliminate the need for a middle-man or agent and also avoid any additional fees or charges that may be levied.

If you’re looking to purchase a motor insurance policy or product, you can do so directly for free on the website. You can also get insurance quotes online from various motor insurance policy providers in real-time based on your requirements. This means you can select, evaluate and pay for motorcycle insurance online and renew your motorcycle insurance online as well.

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