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Warranty Smart Malaysia

Warranty Smart has been a leading extended warranty provider in Malaysia’s finest for more than a decade. The organization originally came into existence to help Malaysians cater to the unexpected repair costs from sudden breakdowns. Expensive car breakdowns and the distinct lack of proper security for any second-hand car in Malaysia meant that they had their work cut out for them from the get-go. Warranty Smart redefined the level of commercial and personal insurance that cars in Malaysia had access to. Whether it’s a re-con car in Malaysia like the Toyota Alphard or Toyota Harrier or something fresh out of the stalls like a brand new Mercedes Benz with Japan specs, one thing is sure; vehicles are expensive but necessary liability. There’s a limit to what any automobile warranty can cover when it comes to mechanical issues and broken parts.

What’s more, when vehicle owners opt to ignore these damages due to expenses, they end up having to do even more expensive and extensive repair work further down the road. This is why the extended warranty that Smart warranty offers is so valuable to Malaysians all over the country. The added perks of Warranty Smart make any second-hand car in Malaysia as financially prudent a decision as brand new Japan spec vehicles. Because vehicle owners can get the same benefits that rival even the three-year warranty that comes with most new cars, Warranty Smart helps them choose any recond car in Malaysia they want. To better understand the range of vehicle warranties that this provider affords automobiles in the country, we’ll delve into the various packages they offer now.

Warranty Smart Packages Review

The kind of extended warranty you can get for any new or second-hand car in Malaysia with this provider is split into four different packages. We’ll be exploring what you can get both new and recond cars in the country today.

The Smart Platinum+ Review

This is regarded as the most comprehensive extended warranty you can take out on your vehicle with this provider. Whether you want to protect your brand new Mercedes Benz or second hand, 3-year-old Toyota Harrier, this provides all the resources you need to do so properly. Provided that the second-hand automobile is at or younger than five years and has an odometer mileage reading less than 150 000km, you can get this Smart warranty coverage. You’re provided with an extensive array of additional coverage that protects and replaces various items in your engine, electrical parts, transmission, sensors, and fuel system. The steering, air conditioning, and sound system of your car are also not left out. With this package, only components originally fitted in the vehicle are covered. However, you do have the option of covering certain other parts in writing with Warranty Smart.

The Smart Gold+ Review

The second package offered by this provider is the Smart Gold+. Referred to as My Smart Gold by many automobile owners in the country, its service is reserved for cars manufactured ten years ago and below. Conversely, the vehicle must also have an odometer mileage reading of less than 150 000km in all. The warranty period lasts up to a year, making it ideal for complementing your basic insurance for any second-hand car in Malaysia. My Smart Gold also offers a total aggregate of RM50, 000 per vehicle. With this package, you can get RM10 000 on each claim. Its coverage is also quite wide, extending from offering replacements for various parts of your engine and transmission to your cooling system and even vehicle recovery as well.

The Smart Silver+ Review

Like the My Smart Gold package, the Smart Silver+ is available to only vehicles manufactured ten years ago and below. Also, the odometer mileage reading of your vehicle must fall below 150 000km if you want to leverage this package. However, that is where the similarities end. With this extended warranty on your Toyota Alphard or Toyota Harrier, you get a claims limit of RM5, 000 per claim. The total aggregate of claims you can also file on the vehicle doesn’t exceed RM20 000. It also covers you for repairs to various aspects of your engine. However, its reach isn’t nearly as extensive as that of the other two.

The Smart Bronze+ Review

The final offering from Warranty Smart (Sdn Bhd), the eligibility requirements for this package, is similar on all grounds to that of the other packages. However, the duration it lasts can be shorter than that of the other vehicle warranties in some cases. This is because, depending on your preference, you get it for only six months. If you own a second-hand car in Malaysia and you’re on a budget, this might be the right package for you. When you opt for the six-month plan, you can get up to RM7, 500 total aggregates, which goes up to RM15, 000 for the one-year plan. Per claim, the six-month plan affords you RM2, 000 while the one year-plan gives you RM 4 000. Smarty Warranty remains a popular choice in the country because regardless of the package you opt for, you are insured for breakdown recovery, labor, and any vehicle model coverage and parts.

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