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Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad has been leading the insurance and Takaful space for several years now. For the year 2016/2017, they ranked at the top of the Takaful Malaysia category. They repeated this success the following year as well. It dropped the level of home coverage to commercial cover that they provide. The extensive range of protection that they offer individuals or businesses assures them (the insured) that they are in excellent and capable hands at all times. All and sundry highly regard the products and services that this insurer located in Kuala Lumpur provides. Some Syarikat Takaful products you should know include:

Syarikat Takaful Motor Insurance

It is arguably the top product that Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad has. More appropriately known as Takaful myMotor, this auto insurance policy can protect you against eventualities like damage, loss, and any 3rd party legal liabilities that might surface. The medical motor Takaful coverage presents itself in two forms. These are:

The Comprehensive Coverage

Here, your insured vehicle for everything ranging from theft to accidental fire, lightning, and other accidents. It also comes with complimentary personal accident coverage, which you can take advantage of for a specific price. This package extends to your passengers as well.

The Third Party, Fire And Theft Coverage

This policy only covers repairs for damages caused by your vehicle to 3rd party vehicles and property. It covers repairs of your damaged automobile if by theft, fire, lightning, housebreaking, or explosion only.

Fire And Property Coverage

Another offering from Syarikat Takaful Insurance is an extensive range of protection for your valuable assets. Divided into Takaful my SME and Takaful myFire, these packages extend from home coverage to commercial properties. It protects you from financial expenses if the insured property suffers impact or malicious damage or by floods, riots, and strikes.

Liability Coverage

Here, you can get a range of protection plans to suit the unique nature of your employee insurance needs. With this, you get top-notch commercial cover employees can benefit from quickly. Available as Employers Liability, Public Liability, and Workmen’s Compensation, you can extend yourself and your employees every comfort of the best financial protection in insurance.

Miscellaneous & Personal Accident Coverage

In addition to motor Takaful and home coverage of different kinds you can get with this insurer, you can also take your financial protection to another level. While many Commercial Takaful and Home coverage products and services will do a lot for you, they might not cover every single scenario. Considering this, it complements Syarikat Takaful Products and any (or all) of the following packages. These are:

  • All Risks Cover,
  • Burglary Cover,
  • Fidelity Guarantee Cover,
  • Group Personal Accident Cover,
  • Money Cover, and
  • Plate Glass Cover.

They designed these unique packages to provide you with a buffer you can rely on to get you out of different, unexpected scenarios with only minimal costs. See here to explore all that Syarikat Takaful Malaysia has to offer you.

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